ScreenshotNameCost per billing cycleBilling cycleContract period(months)Set-up costDescriptionPreview

A. Site Style
$75.00 monthly12$1200.00Based on the La Rossa Electric StylePreview style site

B. Site Style
$75.00 monthly12$1200.00Flooring store with slide showsPreview style site

C. Site Style
$75.00 monthly12$1200.00Shoe repair/services businessPreview style site

D. Site Style
$75.00 monthly12$1200.00Product lists and information without online shoppingPreview style site

E. Site Style
$75.00 monthly12$1200.00Hair salon - slide shows for many picturesPreview style site

F. Site Style
$75.00 monthly12$1200.00Construction, home building sitePreview style site

G. Site Style
$75.00 monthly12$1200.00Hair salon, wood tones, traditionalPreview style site

N. Site Style
$75.00 monthly12$1200.00Hot Dog - simple menu, history, contact informationPreview style site

O. Site Style
$75.00 monthly12$1200.00Blacktop maintenance - several slide shows with many imagesPreview style site

R. Site Style
$75.00 monthly12$1200.00Fine diningPreview style site

T. Site Style
$75.00 monthly12$1200.00HVACR - projects, servicesPreview style site

L. Site Style
$75.00 monthly12$1200.00Brewing supplies, slideshowsPreview style site